The sin of singlehood…..

I never knew there were an eleventh commandment saying ” you shall get married” …. But apparently I was wrong.

There were always this kind of pressure to have a boyfriend, and those usual family questions on “where is the boyfriend?”… but before I thought was just a harmless conversation starter at family gatherings. Guess what? I was so wrong again.

Since I made into my twenties it just got worst and worst… just so you can get an idea it didnt matter how well I was going at university,how I was rocking my world… I only mattered that I was almost graduated and had nobody to take to the graduation party…

Imagine when I said I didnt want to get serious with nobody because I was leaving the country to travel??? That for sure did spice up the family talks…. And I finish setting them on fire when I came back, still single, and on top of that I got a job at a Rig.

So, don’t get me worng… I am not some lonely sad person…. Quite the oposite… I am a well educated traveled fun happy girl. I know what I like, and where to get it.

that brings me to why am I writing this post. I dont get where, where, and how being single started to be such a crime. And I am not talking only about my family…. my friends, even the ones who are miserable in their marriages… even the guys I work with….

See, I work at a Rig, were pretty much everyone are man. So one would imagine that all the talk is about sex, one night stands, cars, sports… and all that can come out of 150 man locked down in the middle of the ocean. Well, you are damn right they talk about it… but they sure remember me quite often that I am single… as if it was just wrong…. like what the hell is wrong with me…

People just cant accept being single as a valid choice… but let me tell you something… IT IS. Not only it is valid, but it is fun, delightful, bright, exciting… is anything you want it to be…. you just have to know how to enjoy yourself.

and that is the reason I am writing… to tell my experiences, my thoughts, my discoveries…. and hopefully hear the ones from you guys out there…..


52 thoughts on “The sin of singlehood…..

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