I am just another woman who like many other woman out there spends her free time writing, travelling and enjoying life in general. I have all the almost 30 issues. I am single, lost in life, not sure what the hell I am doing with my career, can´t find prince charming and blame it on Disney. Just another average girl with a shitty past relationship that went down the drain, and who is having a hard time balancing her personal life with having a career, getting a boyfriend, enjoying family, friends, travelling the world…. and everything else at the same time.

There is only one thing that puts me a little apart from most of the girls out there: I work at an OIL RIG. Yep… just like that.

As if balancing all my problems wasn´t enough I have to do it while spending half of my life locked down in the middle of the ocean.

Since while ago I’ve been hearing lots of my girl-friends talking about the blogs they read when they want info on sex, relationships, guys… all these stuff, and saying that anywhere they see it is always the same. It is usually written by guys who know jack about what they are speaking or by woman who really don´t live as we do…. So I thought about giving my side of the story… My inside view from spending half of the year having nobody but man to talk with, and the other half travelling around and trying to be “normal”.


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