A Tale of Two Rigs

So, a few months ago I shared a cabin with this girl. Very nice, gentle, down to earth…. after two days she made me feel like I had known her since forever… that kind of person that just passes by your life, but it looks like she has always been there. We were supposed to share the cabin for 10 days, and then she would disembark, and go to another rig.

Well, for the ones reading it that have never worked offshore, I will give a brief simplified explanation on how the cabin system works… There are two types of crew: Fixed and rotating… Quite self explanatory. And since there are less than a handful of fixed woman onboard, every now and then we end up sharing the cabins with the ones who work “rotating”. It means that they embark each time at a different rig…

This girl was one of those rotating crew… but she was so nice that from the first day I was wishing she would at least stay for the same time as me. So far it was the perfect marriage… One day we started talking about relationships… See, she was single two, but with a difference, I live by the good old rule of: ” Don’t shit where you eat“. But she doesn’t…. well, at least she didn’t.

And as we talked she started talking about some of her offshore hook ups, quite some fun stories… and revealed me in secrecy that there were a guy onboard that she had met at another rig a couple months ago, and was a true pain in her ass…. As soon as he knew she was dating someone on the rig he got all over her, but she just ignored him, because first of all: he is completely disgusting, second he is married, third and most important: she just didn’t want him, and last but not least… She was dating someone from the rig.

Well, this was months ago and she had never given a second thought to the creepy guy, until she met again on her first day here, and he gave her a very disturbing look and made a disgusting comment.. something like “hope this will be my turn”.

A couple days after she arrived, I noticed lot of the guys were trying to get into her pants… especially married ones… some pushing in a quite intense manner as if she was some type of prostitute or something… so, easy to guess what happened right??

The guy that she had “ignored” some hitches back just went on and talk all that bs about how much of a slut she was and how she was always sleeping onboard with anybody who would want it… and of course gossip spread on and five minutes later there were 20 guys who new someone who had slept with her and had some tale to tell about the poor girl…

So see now, she wasn’t looking for anybody at the rig, just not on the mood for a affair… Nobody there had never had anything to do with her, and only a single asswhole had crossed her path… But after she politely declined all of then, and moved on with her job, and disembarked… She was still spoke as nasty, rude, unpolite, unfriendly… and as you can imagine all types of whore shaming adjectives on the book. And the worst insult of all ( according with the guys): PRUDE … because apparently in this rig she was just acting prude…

So, nobody knew her, she act just like any woman acts on a workplace, and nobody even knew what was true about the stories from the other rig (by the way everything they told were lies)… but she was judged and convicted anyway….

I ask you guys out there: Have you ever had a workplace affair? how it turned out ? was it worth it?